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You’re Not a Special Snowflake

I love email, I really do. It’s convenient, fast…and has completely and totally supplanted the telephone in our household. Except for Mom, of course. She was born in 1940…the telephone is still bleeding edge to her. *sigh*

Some people seem to think that using email relieves them of the requirement to be polite in their communications. The speed and ease of transmission of messages somehow translates to a courtesy exemption for some individuals…

Like the guy who emailed us claiming he’d never received a bit of spam until he’d moved his domain to our service. Clearly, according to him, we are selling his email address to spammers. How that makes any sense, since WE are the ones who would have to fight off the influx of spam to his account on OUR server, is a complete mystery.

Or the guy who emailed us claiming we were deliberately keeping his account resources low, and his charge for those resources high ($10 per month is high??), in order to take advantage of the “profit margin” between “drastically reduced storage costs” and “static pricing.” It is absolutely amazing how an end-user can have such insight into our business practices, non? (/sarcasm) Equally amazing is the preconception that, even though he purports to be a “long-time, satisfied client,” we’re deliberately cheating him. Well, amazing, and incredibly insulting.

It doesn’t take much effort to be polite. To ask questions instead of make assumptions. We’re like puppies…we’ll bend over backwards, wiggle our butts and everything, if you’re the least bit NICE to us. And we’ll bite when you’re not.