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Yes, My Uterus is Acting Up

Oh dearie dear. Kitchen Mage has a question for those with vegetarian kids:

I am in the middle of writing a cookbook and would like to include some tips for parents of children who have declared they will no longer eat food with faces.

I don’t care if you think meat is teh evul and wrong and your soul will shrivel and die if you consume it…unless you’re a CHILD, in which case you don’t know shit about anything. “Children” who make said pronouncement do so because Jenny at school did it, and Jenny did it because her mom’s cousin’s sister said to, etc. ad nauseum. Kids can barely decide what they want to wear to school (if they have a bloody choice, as kids in FL do not), much less what a reasonable diet should include, and encouraging them to pull this precious snowflake shit is turning them into the little monsters we all read about and despise. You’re the PARENT, so parent.

The comments on that post are tres entertaining, in a “xst, I hope you don’t have kids,” sort of way. Yes, educate, yes, learn more about alternate foods, as long as the dietary requirements are met…but just damn… “respect your child’s choice”? “Encourage your child’s compassionate, inquiring spirit”? You people are making me tired.

Decided, to the Husband’s dismay, that planter boxes for all these goddamned seeds need to be built in the area off the pool deck originally intended for a garden spot. The freakish strength and persistence of Florida grass/weeds makes planting in the ground a sodding nightmare, so this is my plan. The Husband needs your well-wishes and words of encouragement.

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No really.