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Yes, I’m Patriotic

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Of all the things to come out of this age of globalization, the one I despise most is the notion that being patriotic, particularly if you’re an American, is something to be ashamed of. Sure, my country has done things of which I’m less than proud, there’s not one country on the planet who can claim otherwise (and some who should just start over from the bacteria stage, but that’s a completely different post). But I am FREE to live my life, and speak my mind. I can choose my elected officials, go to the grocery store with the assurance that items will be on the shelves, and walk down the street without covering my face. I can raise my children as I see fit, succeed or fail in business according to my capabilities, and generally go about my life without interference from my government.

I am a citizen of the United States. I’m proud of that, grateful that I live here, and infinitely grateful that my children will grow up here. At no time will I apologize for it.

So, happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans.