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Yay, Tee-Wee!

Mmm, fall programming.  Tonight we have How I Met Your Mother (still the funniest thing on TV), Chuck (hurrah!) and Life (double hurrah!).  I thought for a moment earlier that we also had Heroes to watch, and kind of deflated…until I remembered I junked it from the TIVO to-do list last night.  It had such promise in the first season, interesting characters/stories…but for me the show just got mired down in the details.  It never had the scope I wanted from it…no Batcave, no Dr. Xavier, no Justice League, for pity’s sake.  If I wanted a soap opera (and make no mistake, that’s what it is) I could turn on my TV any weekday.  But my evenings are PRECIOUS, people, I do not have time for your little pretend-epic there, kthx.

UPDATE:  Chuck, how do I love thee, let me count the ways…

  1. Theme song by Cake and kitschy credits.
  2. Cute as a button hero…completely sans wimpiness.
  3. Morgan significantly less creepy this season.
  4. Casey has apparently grown a heart.
  5. 85% less screentime for Sara’s underpants (compared to last season anyway).
  6. An actual body count…this is no puff piece, people.
Ideally, for me, “The Agency” would hire Chuck, train him up, and put him under the Sara/Casey management combo as the new Burbank field office.  The whole Buy More dynamic…which clearly stems from someone’s personal retail nightmare…could continue unabated (which is good because I’ve become inordinately fond of the freakshow therein) and our heroes could sally forth to do hero-type things each episode.  Formulaic?  Maybe, but I think the writing can keep it fresh, and Zachary Levi has enough personality to carry the whole damned thing, even without the sublime deadpan-i-tude of Adam Baldwin.