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Yard Fun

Yesterday was one of those days for which people specifically flock to Florida:  near-non-existent humidity, lovely breeze, temps in the mid-70s, and a big blue bowl of a cloudless sky.  So of course we spent it sweating in the backyard.

But look what we accomplished!  I finally finished painting the composter Husband made for me last summer:


Anyone living, or ever visited, south of Kentucky will recognize that paint job.

Husband built out five more planting boxes around the fence perimeter:


And said, “I’m probably going to regret saying this, but there’s room for one more.”  SPLEE!!!  So a sixth is on the agenda for next weekend, to go right there where the huge pile of ex-honeysuckle sits.  These new boxes will hold a huge variety of melons and cucumbers during the spring months, and tons of pole beans during the wet summer months.

Sometime on Thursday I conceived a desire for a bottle tree.  Spent Thursday evening poking about in a nice Flickr group looking at infinite variety before deciding in a 4×4 trunk, with 3/4 inch dowel limbs.  


We set it in a nice deep concrete filled hole, with the surface of the pour decorated with nice big Mexican beach stones stood on end (reminscent of my favorite pathway ever at Bok Gardens):


Today it has “leafed” out:


Hey, you have to keep yourself amused somehow.