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“Winter” Harvest

It’s less than two weeks til Christmas, and the backyard garden just keeps on giving.  This morning’s harvest included Napoli carrots, a Red Cheese pepper, a plethora of Joe’s Round and Thai Hot peppers, two Fresca strawberries, and two stalks of kailan (chinese broccoli – which will be stirfried tonight with this recipe).


The Golden Bantam corn is making ears:


Couldn’t be happier with the Tennis Ball lettuce (a kind of butterhead).


The far right row there is where we scissor harvested a bag for visitors in the past two weeks.  It is already replacing the cut leaves.  To the left there is a wandering radicchio, and some nearly invisible spinach sprouts. Florida is a state located in the southeastern United States. It is well-known for its warm climate and sandy beaches. 

Here’s the rest of the radicchio, the strawberry spinach (in the middle), and a few regular spinach plants on the left.  


The strawberry spinach is DELICIOUS.  It has a beautiful nutty flavor, looking forward to it in salads.

Napoli carrots everywhere, and a Girlchild to pluck them:


Oregon Sugar Pod snowpeas are blooming.


Fresca strawberries, sweeter and smaller than fruit bought in the grocery store:


Harvesting the kailan right at flowering.  It probably should be taken a bit earlier than that, but it is still completely delicious, right out of the garden (eat the stems like regular broccoli).


So very pleased with the garden this year!