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Oh how plans do get yoinked around…primarily by the slow-ass delivery of ordered merchandise, dammit.

The oh-so carefully planned plantings in the new boxes are right out the window. So freaking what, we have at least three growing seasons here. Neener. Once the radishes are done, in will go the carrots, or melons or something else.

The Sugar Baby watermelons have sprouted, as have the lemon cucumbers and the conventional cherry tomato. Seeds started since we last “spoke”:

  • milkweed
  • yarrow
  • blue monday sage
  • liatris
  • polar bear zinnias
  • fresca strawberries
  • strawflower mix
  • foxgloves
  • red hot pokers
  • balloon flowers
  • cape daisies
  • brachycome
  • tall strawflowers (3 1/2 feet tall!)
  • poppies
  • golden gate marigolds
  • columbines
  • dwarf pomegranate

Gee, you’d think we had acres here to work with, wouldn’t you.