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Wow, collected some cobwebs there.It’s the rainy season here in central Florida. This means temps in the high 90s, humidity starting the day around 89%, then ratcheting up over 100%, whereupon the skies open up and, yep, you guessed it, it rains.

In case it was not glaringly obvious, it is a miserable, miserable time to be a Florida resident. Going outside is something done by whoever draws the short straw. Yard work, what little goes on this time of year, is done as early in the morning as there is an acceptable balance between the wetness of the grass and the lightness of the sky. The pulling of weeds is non-existent, which, in this foetid swamp of a climate, means they rapidly reach magic beansprout size and girth.

So, to cut down on the sweat-related chafing, I recommend the following alternatives to actual outdoor time:

Swarm – A multi-level space shooter. Pilot the craft, pick up the EZT, kill the bugs.

Ricochet Xtreme – A breakout game, but so much more better than any other breakout game.

Star Defender 3 – The aliens are coming. Make them stop.

Yeah, yeah, I know your wrist already hurts from the stupid monkey dart thing, get some Tiger Balm and suck it up, Shirley*.

*GOD, we have really got to talk about my Scrubs fixation.