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What a Way to Start Your Day

Delivered the kids to school this morning amid intermittent torrents of rain. (Yay, rain!) Outside of school grounds, there was an interesting* sight on the side of the road, a mud-colored Ford sedan….the kind I fancy is most often used in bank robberies, due to its A) ubiquitousness, and B) complete anonymity (Ocifer: What did the car look like?   Witness: Erm…a box on wheels?)…and next to its passenger door, a scragly little woman bent over, hands on knees, vomiting up what I presume to be a weekend’s worth of cheap wine.

What a delightful visual that was for all the kids going by. Could it have been a nasty stomach virus? Maybe. A bit of bad Brie? Perhaps. All visual evidence considered though, it looked far more like just another Florida cracker, adding some local “color” to the morning commute.

Oh well, at least she got her kid(s) to school on time.

*Where “interesting” means “ew” and “blargh” and “oh dear god what is that THING”