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Weekend Update, With Your Host, Moi

One of the more unpleasant side effects of bronchitis/antibiotics…I can’t taste any flavors right now other than salt. For someone as devoted to chocolate as I, who indeed utilizes chocolate for medicinal purposes (purely psychological, mind you), this is a tragedy of Greek proportions. My Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food sits untouched in the freezer. I left a perfectly good ham and cheese sandwich sitting on the plate, finishing only the chips, because that was all I could taste.

I. Can’t. Properly. Enjoy. My. Coffee.

I know it will improve, most likely a great deal slower than I would prefer, but in the immortal words of Inigo Montoya:

“I hate waiting.”

We took the children to see Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium Saturday afternoon. It was utterly delightful, and goes immediately on the purchase-when-issued-on-DVD list. Dustin Hoffman was extremely engaging as the eccentric Magorium, Natalie Portman was personable as always, and the boy who played Eric, you just wanted to hug him he was so cute. Jason Bateman continues to amaze, even though this role didn’t require much of him. If he’s not careful he’s going to find himself going from meth mouth in ladies underwear to the leading man in a big budget chick flick. Woops, too late.

Sunday was A Good Day. Worked a bit in the morning, then played endless games of Connect 4 with the Boychild, while the Girlchild amused herself on youtube (nanny filters ON, Sulu). Then I cheered the Bucs on to a playoff berth while putting together puzzles with the Girlchild, and the Husband and Boychild played a three hour game of Fortress America. It was A Very Good Day.

So, how was your weekend?

Updated to add: It’s 60 whole degrees here today and we’re freezing our toes off…how sick is that??