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I dislike many things…green bell peppers, religious fanatics, the Auburn football program. But number one and two on my list (at least right now) are weeds and weeding.”Did you put down landscape fabric?” you say.

Why, yes, yes we did. And gravel on top of that. You should see how the root systems of some of these weeds pull out the chunk of landscape fabric through which they’ve grown. Yes, THROUGH.

We live in Florida, and that means faster-growing, stronger (and *more*) roots, etc. etc. It’s basically a fucking nightmare if you don’t weed every single day, and really, who has time for that? We work, the kids are in school, so that means homework help after work is done. And sometimes there are really good things to watch on teevee.  But not “Drive” because it got fucking CANCELLED.

What I want is a little gnome that lives in my back yard, lives on bugs and rainwater, and thinks weeds are the source of all evil, therefore to be destroyed. Not so much to ask, eh?