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Water Drops

I love taking pictures of things with water on them. Which probably accounts for my Flickr collection called “Things with Water on Them.” Aheh.

Anyway, I had to grab the camera today after giving the roses their weekly deep drink.

Mr. Lincoln

Angel Face

Hot Cocoa

I think I pretty much plant things just so I can take pictures of them. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Actually, I’ve always loved plants and flowers. With an artist’s background, of course I’m going to be drawn to anything brightly colored. This is the first serious year for vegetables, though, and I find I really enjoy the routine of it all. Weeding, watering, staking, de-bugging, harvesting…it has all added a bit of much-needed Zen to my days. And a happy bonus is not paying exorbitant grocery store prices for inferior, and imported, produce.

So, why do YOU garden?

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