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Turkeys and Pirates and Fashion, Oh My!

Think of the stain possibilities!

Hope everyone who bothered had a fine Thanksgiving yesterday. It was a very small affair on this end, the highlight of which was the DVD of Live Free or Die Hard locking up completely with about five minutes left in the movie. If we hadn’t seen it three times already in the theater, we’d have been pissed.

This year’s Florida Pirate Fair* pictures are up, for those four of you who did not get direct email notification of same. We took a lot more action photos this year (as opposed to artsy fartsy photos in previous years), mainly due to this being the first time the kids were old enough to let us sit the hell down and enjoy the fight shows.

This is the fifth year of the Florida Pirate Fair* and the third year we’ve attended. It will also be our last. The first year the atmosphere was just fantastic. All the costumed players were merry and hell-bent on entertaining the visitors, especially the children. This year we had a vendor actually berate us as “insulting” for looking but not purchasing, and the target in a tomato-throwing booth call our children “stupid.” And only two of the costumed players, outside of an actual event, bothered to speak to us or the children. It was hugely disappointing compared to previous years and we won’t be back.

So, if any Florida Pirate Fair* powers-that-be should happen by via Google, there you go. Whatever changes were wrought between last year and this, they officially suck, and you have lost four patrons, along with everyone we’ve been gushing to about previous years.

And finally, to the purveyors of Project Runway, re: Nov. 21 show…

–Sarah Jessica Parker is a “fashion icon??” In what bizarro-universe is this a truth? Since the retirement of SATC, she’s been the average enough-money-to-hire-a-stylist actor-type person. If you’re trying to give her cred for her SATC wardrobe, then that should really go to the costumers for that show, non? A “fragrance” and a “fashion line” do not an ICON extrude.

–I didn’t watch the show until last night, so it was delightful for me to see the headline on various news sites announcing the winner’s dress will be featured in SJP’s “fashion line.” I’m not a big spoiler queen like some I could mention *coff*T*coff* but it’s a frickin’ CONTEST show. Restrain thyselves.

–Lingering camera shots of the large 44 year old poof weeping over SJP is NOT endearing. NOT. It’s just a little creepy.

* Googlebomb in action. Actual Pirate Fair site link is here.