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Tropics Schmopics

Curse it. *^#&^%$^$& and other “colorful metaphors.” Apparently we moved the pickling cucumber into the enclosure just a tad too late, as the two I picked tonight had neat little holes bored into them. A quick knife confirmed that the bastard pickleworms had take up residence, and were nomming their way through my damned cukes.

I was SO looking forward to those on my salad, too, along with the first of the sungold cherry tomatoes. The latter, fortunately, are pristine, untouched, perfect even, and we’ve just been popping them into our mouths like candy straight off the vine.

No pictures today, it was soggy again, but definitely will be taking some tomorrow, as the Second Slowest Tomato has doubled in size, and the serpent melons (Armenian cukes) are basically doubling in length/girth each day. It’s amazing to watch.

Vacation has finally been decided upon. We’ll be in the North Alabama area July 20 through the 25th, for some fishing (there are no fish in Florida, you know), space center visiting, botanical garden visiting (where we were married 12 years ago), and friend visiting. Sounds like a fun week to me!

UPDATE: Watching American Idol part 1 after getting the kids to bed here, and honestly, I could not be in more HATE with that little Utah brat if he’d personally put the pickleworms on my cucumbers his ownself. And is anyone else getting the feeling that the judges have been instructed to hype the crap out of their responses in this last gasp, especially in light of the less-than-impressive ratings for this season? Then again, I am the Queen of the Cynics.