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Today’s To-Do List

And we got up late!

  1. Finish composter. Have I mentioned how cute this thing is?
  2. Mow front yard?
  3. Remove the zucchini plant and beth alpha cucumber plant from Box #2. Every fruit the zucchini puts out is rotting on the vine after it gains about 4 inches in length. It could just be too humid here for it. The beth alpha has produced non-stop since April and I think it is just tired. So, out both of those come, into the compost bin, and in goes our experimental celery.
  4. Remove the bolted helios radishes from Box #1 and sow red rice beans and hyacinth beans.
  5. Remove the cream sausage tomato plant. It never should have been put in a pot with another tomato, and honestly, curiosity is totally satisfied with that variety. It’s very mild, almost too mild.
  6. Remove the (apparently) overwatered and crisping alyssum from the bed out front and replace with potted gazanias. Important to note that the Royal Carpet alyssum I started from seed is doing So Much Better than the store-bought white. Still with the pale lavender blooms though, not the PURPLE expected from Royal Carpet.
  7. Remove the (WAHHHHH!!!!) dying purple African daisy. Why in the name of little blades of grass is it dying, especially when the white plant, right next to it, is just fine? Wish I knew.
  8. Stake up the Gold Medal rose so it will quit getting all up in Mr. Lincoln’s face. Don’t need no throwdown in the rose garden, somebody’d get cut fo shure.

Whew. I get tired just looking at this list. What are you lot up to today?