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Three Days

That’s how long it takes to sprout seeds with a bottom-heating seedling mat:


Those are several tomatoes and a cantaloupe variety. Looks like I’ll have to install grow-lights in the bathroom!

Seeds started:

Blacktail Watermelon
Ruby Watermelon
Dancing/Spinning Gourd
Ancho Pepper
Paprika Pepper
Red Bell Pepper
Principe Borghese Tomato
Orange Sherbet Cantaloupe
Sweet Million Tomato
Legend Tomato
Cordova Tomato

Seeds that will be direct sown:

Giant Musselburgh Leeks
McPick Cucumber
Fountain Cucumber
Purple Haze Carrot
Bolero Carrot
Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea
Early Hakucho Edamame

We’re heading to a supplier to look at rocks today. Our old wooden boxes are long since carpenter-ant/rotted away, so we’re going to build more permanently this time with fieldstone or something similar.

#1 Son, anticipating all the heavy lifting his strapping young 15-year old back is going to be doing, cried accusingly, “You just want everything to look 600 years old!”

Indeed, Son. Indeed.