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This and That

Are you watching Tin Man on SCIFI? We’re only halfway through Part 1 so don’t spoil anything! (T, you’re rubbing off on me…) So far it is…surreal. The scene in Part 1 where they find the Tin Man still gives me the creeping shudders. It took a sick bastard to come up with that scenario.

Zoe just knocked of Hermey’s hat and brought it to me. *sigh*

Oh what I wouldn’t give for the denizens of the intarwebs to pay some attention occasionally. Is your control panel password “hooterz”? Then someone is going to figure it out and upload some nasty spam-spewing shite to your account space. Or they’re going to decide to rampage around and delete the 43 addon domains you have setup. Either way, you’re causing trouble for both yourself and your host.

Go, now, change your passwords to a non-dictionary-word combination of letters and numbers. Do it for the poor sysadmins who have to plow through the logfiles looking for the entry point so they can de-crap their servers before getting down on their hands and knees to kiss AOL’s ass and beg them to unblock the fucking network. Kthx.