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Things That Are Disturbing Me

And they should disturb you, too.–Law of the Sea Treaty on Fast Track to RatificationRead up on this.

China Seeks Oil Near Cuba – Anyone else comfortable with this?

And not quite as disturbing, but still quite irritating…

–There’s a GI Joe movie coming out in 2009. Remember GI Joe, the real American hero? Well, GI JOE now stands for “Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity.” I understand the studio’s desire to appeal to the widest possible audience (need those overseas DVD sales, you know), but the notion that “in the current political climate, they’re afraid that a heroic U.S. soldier won’t fly” makes me want to put a beatdown on someone.

Hey, GI Joe too inflammatory a topic for a movie? Pick another fucking topic.

Oh, and on this show we’re watching, a guy poured some of his drink into a computer keyboard and the monitor started flashing.

The. Monitor.

How frigging stupid do these people think we are?