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The Semi-Irregular Update

So, Chavez isn’t even smart enough to RIG a vote? Hilarious.I see that British teacher in the Sudan has been “pardoned.” By show of hands, how many think this was done out of the kindness of Sudan’s president’s widdle heart? And now, how many think an official note came down from the Brit PM, something to the effect of “step off, bitch..”

The bday party was a smashing success, even with a very small attendance. The kids made slime, and blew up balloons with baking soda and vinegar. The museum apparently decided the best way to get people to clear out was to give them heatstroke, however. We came home and I had to take a Nyquil-nap just to recover.

The hacking 3/4ths of us were doing is finally slowing down, phlegm production decreasing proportionally. Aren’t you glad you asked. The Husband’s diabetes numbers are under control to the satisfaction of his doctor, so maintenance continues. He’s finding the culinary going not such a chore, especially now that we’ve discovered he can still eat Popeye’s chicken and Domino’s pizza (thin crust pepperoni). He does still mourn the loss of his beloved Coca-Cola, however. Diet Coke is evil from the 8th dimension, and Diet Dr. Pepper is close behind. Now we’re just waiting on his eyes to purge themselves of 10 years of accumulated sugar so he can get a glasses prescription that works and go back to his real job. **knock the entire fuck on wood**

Christmas shopping is almost done, gods love the Intarwebs. If you have kids in the grade school to teens age range and are sick of the We B Toys dreck, try Fat Brain Toys. Smart toys there, half of which *I’d* play with.

No significant new gifts from Zoe, she’s been too busy napping under the christmas tree lights. Because, of course, we put that thing up just for her.