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The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog. Sir.

My quest for the Perfect Keyboard is, at least around our house, the stuff of legend. I have tried them all, plus 97 others. I’ve gone through double digits on the backlit versions, before finally chucking it and just ceasing to work at night. The first backlit was great, beautiful scissor-key action, lovely color, but proved too fragile for everyday use. I notice they don’t seem to make them anymore, quel surprise.My last purchase was a Micro$oft wireless keyboard/mouse combo that I shall shortly be using to start a bonfire. Those bastards were a nightmare, let me tell you. First off, you couldn’t have the receiver too near anything metal. Or plastic. Or tall. Or short. Or made of cheese. The list goes on and on. Both the mouse and keyboard would spontaneously lose connection to the receiver…not at the same time, mind you, but completely at random. The keyboard had mountainous keys, each of which distinctly CLUNKed when you hit it. It was like listening to popcorn pop to use that thing. Hard plastic popcorn.

After an exhaustive search on my beloved Amazon, I found this beauty. Encouraged by the rave reviews, I took the plunge. It arrived about 20 minutes ago and I am already in love. Scissor-keys, very low profile (both keys and the entire board itself), and best of all, it’s just a keyboard…has all the standard bits but none of that extra zoom-y, alt-F type horseshit. It’s a pleasure to type on, and wouldn’t dream of giving you finger cramps, because even though it’s low-profile, it’s not small in width…it’s somewhat wider, even, than many keyboards I’ve had in the past, with standard size key tops.

So, if you’re looking for something with the same feel as your laptop keyboard, but not in a crazy-small size, this keyboard is your huckleberry.