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The Lesson of the Radishes

Planted ’em too close together to start with. Thinned too late, all went to seed. Here endeth the lesson.

Seeing as how they were plain old red grocery-store radishes, we thought we’d do something a bit more exotic, and in their place today I planted daikon radish and helios radish seed instead. Daikon is a Japanese staple, that shredded white stuff you see as garnish on your sushi plate. Very tasty. The helios should be a bit sweeter than your average radish, and sweet/hot is my very favorite flavor.

Hey, remember those two tomatoes I planted in the garden boxes (as opposed to inside the enclosure in pots)?



And his friend:

Let’s have a round of applause for these procrastinating bastards, shall we?

A note about the deliciously delightful cucumbers I touted so enthusiastically yesterday…y’might have to sun protect them in the afternoons down here in the Ass-Hot part of the world. Just so’s you know.