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The Horror

We only get about four days of near- or sub-freezing temperatures down here, and even then, that’s not usually enough to do anything in.  No, it takes two consecutive days of sub-30 degrees, and some nice frost to do that!  

All the leftover tomatoes are completely toast, browning as we speak.  (Ha, see what I did there?)  The fig is dropping leaves, the bleeding heart vine is a blackened wreck, the ipomoea is truly pathetic…the list goes on and on.  

We’ve had everything we particularly wanted to save covered the past two nights, but that may not have been enough, especially considering we used plain old sheets instead of agribon or something similar.  It’s all about perspective, though.  The established stuff will be fine, the cold doesn’t penetrate very deep, and everything else can be restarted from seed.  I technically wasn’t supposed to be growing anything this time of year anyway!

Ice in the rain “barrel”:


Oops, left the trowel out:


Frost on the sheet covering the newly sprouted galisse and green lance:


Frost on the snow peas and carrots:




These pics were all taken around 7AM this morning.  This afternoon, the snowpeas and carrots are all looking their normal selves.  It’ll take a day or two to really see how they weathered the frost though, plants are sneaky that way.