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The Big Picture

You guys know I’m all about the macro shots. Nothing pleases me more than to get up into the flowers, pistils and stamens everywhere… Ok, that sounded sexual, sorry.

Innnyway… Today let’s have some wide angle shots, see what the big picture looks like.

The tomatoes are killing me, really. They were started indoors in peat pots Feb 3 (thank you garden journal!) and they are now officially frickin’ huge. Observe:


And today, the sungolds finally started turning yellow, woo!

The parisian pickling cucumber is much happier inside the enclosure with the tomatoes. You can see why it was moved in on the lefthand leaves there :


The other tomatoes, the San Marzanos, are doing amazingly well. Look at the size of this trunk, wouldja?


Yes, Caitlin, those are new wedding rings. The silver ones made by Connie were so wide they irritated the skin underneath, we had to constantly take them off. These are titanium, so, y’know if we ever get caught in an undersea oil drilling rig, we’ll be ok.

Outside the pool enclosure, it’s a world gone mad. It apparently rained a couple of inches last night, and the plantsies expressed their thanks with explosive growth:


The daikon radish, planted (as you can see from the tag) three whole days ago, have sprouted:


And I’ve officially changed the name of Box #4 to The Nursery Box:


Bet you can’t guess why.

The red bell and poblano peppers still taunt me with blooms:


The lemon cucumbers look like they are sturdy enough to be used as building materials:


Which is good because they’re planted right next to this monster of a zucchini:


Don’t take this personally, little buddy, but I’m really looking forward to when I can sautee your little green ass with red bell pepper, onion, olive oil and thyme…


The Second Slowest Tomato seems to also have enjoyed the rain. And the criticism:


The Slowest Tomato Evar is still taking his sweet frickin’ time:


Out front, the zinnias are doing their thing, namely growing tall enough to hide the ugly-ass power boxes:


And the front plants are filling in nicely. The canna lilies there in the middle have Gone Mad, growing easily a half a foot since they’ve been planted. Everything behind them is *supposed* to be taller, but the sodding roses and delphinium seem to have joined the same union as the Slowest Tomato Evar. No growth without equality! Need to hire me some muscle.


And finally, here are all the newly planted seedlings that will nicely fill in that area behind the crepe myrtle, and (hopefully) stave off further fountain grass invasion:


Whew. Posting about gardening is almost as hard as actually doing it. Nappytime.