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The Big Picture

My fren Caitlin says she wants to see the whooooole garden, and instead of telling her to drive her ass on down and have a look-see, I walk out back and snap a few pics.  Because I work from home, yes I do.  RULE.

Here’s the main area:


Up to the corner of the outside patio:


The long view down the backyard:


The three new planting boxes going in:


You can see the major problem we have down here is keeping the crap we don’t want out of the places we don’t want it.  The rose bed on the right was reworked last year, is going to have to be reworked again this year.  There’s no such thing as a permanent solution down here in the tropics.  Though I swear, mulching the entire area and putting in stepping stones between the boxes and roses is getting more and more appealing…

And finally, the pool enclosure, where most of the tomatoes live:


There, that should do you until you guys make the trip down…