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The Backyard is a Nightmare

And not just because it’s hot, sticky, weed-choked and otherwise nasty.


That’s an enormous argiope making a meal of an equally enormous green dragonfly.  I know argiopes gotta eat too, but I draw the line at butterflies/dragonflies.  Time to get out the Lousiville Slugger.

Did I mention it’s hot, sticky, weed-choked and nasty out there?  There are exactly TWO crops doing well right now…

1.  The wonderful red rice beans:


That’s a 6 foot tall fence, and they’re reaching to the ground on the other side.

2.  Husband’s experimental tobacco:


That’s 5+ feet tall there, and being sprayed with Bt to keep the nasty chewy things away.

Speaking of the Husband, he goes in for surgery on Sept. 3 to repair the disc/remove the bone spur on his vertebra, so the backyard just isn’t going to get much attention at all until recovery is made from all that.  Yes, MY recovery too…I’m a champion worrier.


In the meantime we’ve been doing a lot of cooking.  The jalapeno soup was spectacular:


The Shrimp Two Ways (honey lime sauteed and cold with roma tomatoes, avocados and balsamic vinegar) was also mighty good:


And the made-em-ourselves tamales were so very tasty:


Things will get back to normal around here eventually, just as soon as all the medical issues sod off, and the heat becomes something less than KILLYOUALLYAAHHH!! outside.

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  1. #1 Caitlin
    on Aug 22nd, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    That’s exactly what our red beans look like – wall o’ beans. I’ve given up on everything else: hardly any tomatoes this year, and the only peppers that have been worth a damn are the cayennes and a few cowhorns.


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