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Temporarily Empty Nest

This past weekend we did the annual ferrying of the children up to Nana’s north Alabama farm for a summer of tromping about in the woods, chasing frogs and fishing.  It’s a 600 mile drive (one way) and sincerely not something you want to do all in one day – as we discovered Sunday on the return trip.  Still. Recovering.

We sensibly split it into two legs Thursday and Friday, and had enough energy left over when we arrived to help Nana finish planting her garden with all the extra seeds we brought:


How I envy her that soil.  Just enough sand for really good drainage, but still packed with good organic material.  As you can see the land has been used for hay for some time, so everything should be quite happy there.


Speaking of hay…


He wouldn’t listen when we told him of the chigger/scratch adventures that would soon be his.  Some lessons have to be learned firsthand, I suppose.

This is the second biggest reason the kiddos want to get up to the farm…they get to drive:


Though after watching the Girlchild there actually jump out of the thing when it started going too fast for her, I think we might have to review the basic principles of driving.  She gets two thumbs up for her astonishing reflexes, though…she totally stuck the landing.