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Tasty Niblets

Otherwise legitimate people who spam their entire freaking address books with their “important” and “need your help!” bullshit causes need to have their intarwebs taken away. And their thumbs, too.Have I mentioned how much I love this girl’s dancing? I do. And that Daft Punk song Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster makes me giddy. And also chair dance. Here’s a bunch of guys doing it a capella.

Things like this make me cherish the very tubes of the internets: Google circa 1407

100 Word Stories is hopping lately. We can always use more participants, so if you’re into fiction writing at all, go on over and join in. (FAQ here, newbies must prove themselves via the comment area of the theme post before being invited to front-page posting status.)

Picked up some Jones Soda Carbonated Candy at Target last night. It’s….interesting. Not so sure I love the sensation of grape foam at the back of my throat. (Which is probably why my romance with Grape Ape went south as quickly as it did, but that’s another show.)

And finally, for Halloween, Handbags of Horror! Hideously expensive handbags and the hideous monsters they resemble. Social commentary at its finest, people.