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Task Day

Busy in the yard today.  The abnormal rainy-ness has stopped, leaving a multitude of tasks to accomplish, like tree trimming, planting, and other tree services.  The crazed pumpkins were top on the list, as they continue their trek up the backyard towards, well, everything. Good thing is we hired a professional tree service to help us with our work:




Only two fruits thusfar but everything on that longest vine there above seems to be female, so we’ll see.

And yes, the plan is to eventually mulch everything that has been fabric-ed, but until we have on hand the GNP of a small country it’ll just have to wait.

An important task to deal with before the full onset of rainy season is trimming the low-hanging branches from the tomato plants.


Once it starts raining every day all that dirt is going to splatter around a bit and letting it sit on leaves/stems is an invitation to disaster.  Yes, technically we should be mulching under the plants but see above re: GNP of small country.

The melons received a dousing of copper spray to try and stave off the inevitable fungus/mildew.  And the red rice beans were encouraged to actually go up instead of everywhere the heck else:


Here’s a better view of the madly spreading Gold Baby watermelon:


If we get even half the melons this thing is attempting to grow we’ll be set for the summer.

More fabric was laid down on the east side of the yard, and the criss cross melon planted to run down towards the Arapaho blackberry (which we’re going to attempt to espalier on the fence).


Yes, Mom, that’s your tree in the pot there, ready for traveling.

We laid down fabric on the west side of the house for the future tobacco plants.


I’ve always wanted to mulch this entire area anyway since keeping grass out of the roses is a freaking nightmare.

We weren’t the only ones with an Agenda today…



It seems Mr and Mrs Froggie had something to, er, accomplish as well.  Like we NEED more tadpoles in the rain buckets…