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Dear “celebrities” who are fucking LATE to this whole blogging thing: The entirety of your weblog is called a “blog.” A single fucking POST is not called a “blog.” It is called either a “post,” or an “entry,” as you like, but it is not fucking called a BLOG. You didn’t write five “blogs” on […]

This and That

Are you watching Tin Man on SCIFI? We’re only halfway through Part 1 so don’t spoil anything! (T, you’re rubbing off on me…) So far it is…surreal. The scene in Part 1 where they find the Tin Man still gives me the creeping shudders. It took a sick bastard to come up with that scenario. […]

Photos and Zoe Presents

I’ve spent the last four days or so going through every photograph we’ve taken lately (digital), with an eye towards pulling out those worthy of printing and/or showing.Flickr says we’ve posted a bit over two thousand images since starting up that account in late November of 2005. I post photos on Flickr I would never/ever […]

No Nirvana For You

This morning I was playing with the dog with his very favorite toy in the world (the doughnut), when it rolled out the back door, across 20 feet of patio and plopped into the pool…where a largish beetle, who apparently had been looking for just such salvation, climbed aboard.  I retrieved the ring, shook the […]

The Zoester

Zoe Presents So, the count thusfar of things Zoe has brought to me: – A ballpoint pen – A AA rechargeable battery – At least three disposable razors – Several cardboard tubes from the inside of tp rolls – Innumerable toy mice – Several lizards in various stages of pre-death – A pink water wing/arm […]


The kitties go out back onto the enclosure-covered patio every day for their morning constitutional…bapping at spiders, fruitlessly stalking lizards outside the screen, and inexplicably dipping their paws into the pool.Before the rains finally came a little while ago, Zoe brought me a water wing (aka. floatie). Why? In other news, despite a perpetual uniform […]


I’m sure you’ve all seen the stickers appearing on the back of various vehicles in the past few years. You know, the stickers by which the vehicle’s occupant advertises the DEATH of a loved one? This morning, I have witnessed a new low in such redneckery. Not only did it have the DEAD person’s name, […]

My Cat is Smarter Than Your Kid

Guess which genetic cull was yet again standing on the front porch this morning, complete with front door hanging wide open, and not a single miserable excuse for a parent in sight? I’ll give you three guesses but you’ll only need one. Last night Zoe brought me a ball point pen. Er, why?