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“Alas, Poor Yorick 3000…”

Hope Santa was good to you all yesterday. As you can see above, much glee ensued here at the homestead, despite the little bastards waking us up at 3:47AM Christmas morning (and being forced back to bed until 6AM, goddammit), and a MISERABLE trip to Busch Gardens the previous day. It sounds odd, does it […]


May your Night be Silent, your Holly be Jolly, and your Reindeer be Red-Nosed. May your Noel be First, your Gentlemen be Rested, and your Drummer Boy be Little. May your Bells be Silver, your Halls be Decked, and your Jingle Bells be Rocked. A Merry Whatever-You-Celebrate to you all.

Happy Xmas Eve Eve Eve

Because I was a Very Good Girl this year, I got this. And because we’re going to Busch Gardens tomorrow, courtesy of a last minute decision while standing in a steak house parking lot with the family, I got to open my present tonight. WOO! So, be warned: many, many super-wide angle images shall ensue. […]

It Never Occurred to the Who’s to Get an Alarm System?

That Grinch would so be doing 5 to 10 for grand theft if they had. Last year the Boychild basically caught us dead to rights, and confirmed that there is *gasp* no Santa Claus. Last night we discovered he’s still frickin’ holding a grudge about it. “This lie is on your head,” he proclaimed, standing […]