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It’s a Tuesday

If you have an autoresponder set up on your email that replies back with, “I have received your email,” then you’re a self-important tool and would you please get the hell off the Intarwebs. Here’s a little known fact: Fantastik kitchen cleaner will remove silicone sealant from your hands. Aren’t you so glad you read […]

Need Better Dental

I honestly do not understand these people who get on the Intarwebz and have absolutely no clue about anything. Nor do they, apparently, want one. When I finally decided it was time to see what this internets thing was all about, I did it during downtime whilst working for Boeing. *whistles innocently* I used tutorials […]

Jerks and Jousting and…Some Other Things That Do Not Start With J’s

Here’s a fuckin’ thought…if you can’t get email, how about you open a fuckin’ ticket instead of bombarding the server with dozens of fuckin’ test messages. Stupid. *breathe* Complete lack of babysitting T-minus 4 days and counting. Hey, remember those radishes I planted last Sunday? They sprouted on Tuesday. Yah, two days later. And now […]

Lurve and Xst My Hand Hurts

As I may have mentioned in these pages before, the inimitable Zoe is quite in love with our dog Mal. (Wash always knew this would happen.) She is quite expressive with him, rubbing her head on his face, licking his ears. He is semi-tolerant of all this, nosing her neck from time to time, but […]

You’re Not a Special Snowflake

I love email, I really do. It’s convenient, fast…and has completely and totally supplanted the telephone in our household. Except for Mom, of course. She was born in 1940…the telephone is still bleeding edge to her. *sigh* Some people seem to think that using email relieves them of the requirement to be polite in their […]


Moved the sodding Twitter update box down to the bottom since they have so many damned load issues. Hey guys, it’s called failover, look into it.Ok, you install an (open-source *spit*) application from the one-click installer we so helpfully provide. One day it starts erroring. Oh noess, whatever should I do. Well, Genius, the first […]

Work, Work, Work. Hello Boys, Did You Miss Me?

Today feels like a “bitch about work stuff day…”Stupid Question: “Would it help my site hits to have 4 nameservers instead of just two?” No, the only thing that would help “hits” to your site is decent content. So, you’re basically screwed. Stupid Statement: “Just like I know how to reward good service with loyalty.” […]

Intarwebs Hosting: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Well, more Responsibilities than Rights, but who’s counting…Just because you insist upon something, it is not automatically true. The more shrill you get in your insisting, the more less true whatever you’re insisting on becomes. When we tell you the remote network is queueing the mail for delivery, that’s because it is. Insisting that something […]

The Idiot Parade

I swear to Zog, you people just crack me up. Three times this week I have seen someone whinge about “suppression of free speech” and each time the rocket scientist in question has been D-E-D dead wrong in attempting to apply that principle to the dealings of private citizens and businesses.In two cases, the whingers […]

Here’s a Clue, Just For You

Dear Mister Internet Savant,How nice for you that you’ve learned that “phishing” is not just the practice of following a derivative, pseudo-hippie, glorified-studio-musician band around the country whilst jacked up on shrooms you found growing in your compost heap, and neglecting such basic necessities as hygiene, your children’s matriculation, etc. However, armed as you are […]