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Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Nothing To See Here, Move Along My stats tell me I am Google’s #2 result for the search phrase “Whores of the Apocalypse.” I cannot tell you how proud I am of that. And yes, proud to be number two. The number one space is rightly held by a virtual tour site for Ho Chi […]

And You Can Suckit, Too

The image ratings have been removed effective immediately, due to the pathetic assholes who can’t seem to find the exit from Mom’s basement and therefore have little better to do than stomp their inadequacies across the sites of complete strangers.You have something to say about an image, homeslice? Then sack up and use the comment […]

Fame is Retarded

Ok, it has fans? Actual fans? Who appreciate what, pray tell? The ability to flash your panties and/or stubbly vagina in a single bound? The ability to crash (almost) any party, anywhere, just because you have a skinny ass and a well-publicized inheritance?And you wonder why your kids are sexually active in grade school. Try […]