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May Your Life be Interesting

So far this morning I’ve had a kitten with a foaming mouth…another kitten peeing in the dog’s bed…that dog’s bed totally not fitting in the washing machine, having to be stopped mid-cycle and dragged, soaking wet, out of the house to the back patio where it had to be hosed off and now left out […]

Le Grande Update

As I’ve probably whinged before, this year has been a Learning Year as far as the garden goes. We’re seeing what we should avoid planting until fall, what’s best started in January so as to produce before the summer rains, and that it’s utterly futile to try and grow watermelons. *snort*

Extreme Closeup, The Saga Begins

Vacation in four-ish days, and I’m having trouble staying focused…except in my photography, of course! Today we take an extreme close-up tour of the homestead…actually, we’ll be doing this tomorrow, too, because when you get right up close, there’s so many wonderful things to see. (That’s shorthand for “I took a whole lotta pictures.”) First […]

Before and After

One of the best things about documenting this whole gardening thing is the capability to compare before and after images of plantings. Sure, you *know* things have grown, but visual comparisons are fun! The main front bed, right after initial planting in April: The main front bed today, three months later: There’ve been some changes […]

Baby, It’s Hot Outside

Five Times. I sprayed the last remaining cucumber plant with an organic sesame oil concoction (that claimed to kill whiteflies) FIVE TIMES yesterday, and the little bastards still fly out from under a tapped leaf today. I have already found affordable exterminators in Las Vegas and am seriously going to call them. And now the […]

Everything’s So Greeeen

Plant envy is never a pretty sight, and I’ve got it bad for Pam’s Elephant Tongue agave, but seriously cannot find a single place in the yard to put the thing, especially considering it can get 7 feet wide. I did find a source for seeds for it though, as well as palms and other […]

The Big Picture

You guys know I’m all about the macro shots. Nothing pleases me more than to get up into the flowers, pistils and stamens everywhere… Ok, that sounded sexual, sorry. Innnyway… Today let’s have some wide angle shots, see what the big picture looks like. The tomatoes are killing me, really. They were started indoors in […]

Sunburnt and Dirty. Again.

Yesterday morning I sat down at my computer to check email and the optical mouse wouldn’t work. It felt funny, kind of tacky instead of smooth on the mousepad. I flipped it over to find one of my business cards taped to the bottom, the words “Ha Ha” printed on it. Funny kids. Yesterday was […]

Nom Nom Nom

Have you ever noticed that food is so much more savory when you prepare it yourself? Especially if prep takes hours and your back is quite achy by the time all the batch cooking is done… Made kabob-type things the other night, with chicken, pineapple, onion and red bell pepper chunks. Marinated the chicken for […]

Jerks and Jousting and…Some Other Things That Do Not Start With J’s

Here’s a fuckin’ thought…if you can’t get email, how about you open a fuckin’ ticket instead of bombarding the server with dozens of fuckin’ test messages. Stupid. *breathe* Complete lack of babysitting T-minus 4 days and counting. Hey, remember those radishes I planted last Sunday? They sprouted on Tuesday. Yah, two days later. And now […]