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Pack a Lunch*

(*Sorry about these super long posts, it’s just there’s so much to see lately!) With the increase in cultivated area this year (.004 of an acre, woo!), I’ve decided I’m going to weigh our harvests as they come in, see how much a backyard “farm” can actually produce.  We’re off to a great start, harvested […]


Sooo, how’s that vermicomposting working out for you? In a word…unfreakingbelievable.  And all we’ve utilized thusfar is worm juice (the water that filters down through the castings into the bottom of the Can O’Worms) in a 50% solution with water: But as you can see, the results are impressive: That is the biggest tomato bloom […]

March Blooms

Not the greatest week thusfar here at the homestead, so as usual, we take refuge in the garden. I spoke complimentarily of Oakes Daylilies last week or so, regarding their policy of slipping a little something extra into orders.  Well, we received our second order from them about a week ago, and when all was […]

Gettin’ All Springy

According to my handy Almanac, the first weekend in February represents the last freeze of the year for central Florida.  All I can say is WOOT, because moving this number of little pots in and out of the house is starting to get tiresome: Yep, we’re all about maximizing our space here, and those shelves […]

Clean-up Day

Three straight days of sub-30 degree weather have wreaked a good bit of havoc around here, but nothing truly unexpected.  We spent today adding things to the composter (and making plans to build a second one), and generally tidying up.   The pepper plants, which honestly should have technically been done by now, hung in […]

Season The Next

There’s a doldrums between the full-production days of summer and the fall planting “season” here in Florida…during which one should not let oneself become completely out of gardening-shape, lest one suffer from excessively fatigued adductor magnus muscles in the days after planting. Ow. But what a productive two days it was.  The original plan had […]

Plans and Schemes

One of the biggest challenges in gardening is figuring out what grows well in your area.  I think we can safely say that snow peas, carrots and chinese broccoli (kailan) are all winners here… This is the North box back on Dec 1:     And the same box 29 days later (ie. today):   […]

Backyard of Awesomeness

So, I told the Husband I wanted more planter boxes for my birthday…but I wanted them NOW, not in November.   Even with the “now” caveat he thinks I’m taking the cheap way out for my present, but you know, there’s only so many THINGS you need…and I’d just rather grow stuff! Friday evening, spurred […]

A Second Spring

The weather here in central Florida has become quite nice again.  Nights are in the high 60s and days are in the high 80s.  The rainy season is over, the whiteflies are dead and gone, and the humidity is a bit lower.  All that means the plants think it’s springtime again, and are acting appropriately! […]

The Late Summer Garden

I’ve been pondering the garden these past couple of weeks, deciding what to pull out, what to plant in my garden, and that’s why I cut my grass using the best garden shears from https://technomono.com/best-garden-shears-for-cutting-grass.  The blistering heat is finally starting to ease up a bit, with nights in the 60s and 70s and days […]