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AI Top 36, Round 1

Finally, tonight American Idol gets out of the pseudo-drama queen pageant and into the actual competition.  And since we’re no longer doing the Idol snark blog, I’m just going to have to do my snarking here. Onward!

Reality Bytes

Yes, I do have pictures for you, I promise…I’m supposed to be taking it easy this week, though, which means sitting on the couch with an ice pack on my knee, and using Photoshop on the laptop is significantly less, er, fun, than doing it on the desktop. So, let’s talk about reality shows instead! […]

Pop Culture Interlude

I’ve never watched So You Think You Can Dance (title is irritating me, btw) before this season, so I’m a bit mystified by what happens when the final 10 are chosen. I gather it means random partners or something like that by the look on poor Gev’s face when they reminded him he would no […]