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On Tomatoes

Having just given away a skosh of tomato seedlings, I’ma write up some tomato knowledge for posterity. Tomatoes need all the sunshine you can give them. They also love water, but hate to be soggy. Seedlings, in small pots, might need to be watered twice a day, but not so much they are sodden. The […]

An Embarrassment of Tomatoes

Feh, the grue has me.  I had grand plans for today…the starting of many more flower seeds, planting of more beans, new carrot beds, the potting up of the stratified bonsai tree seeds…  But the grue has me…the sneezing, the congestion, the running faucet that is my nose, all forced me to take a rather […]

Recipe: Ranchero Sauce (Updated)

Whilst on our mini-vacation this past weekend, we took the advice of the hotel “concierge” and visited a restaurant dubiously named Skidder’s for our morning repast.  I decided to try huevos rancheros, having gone all of my 38+ years thusfar without partaking, even though I have quite the torrid relationship with Mexican food.  (It helped […]

Saturday, As Usally*

Saturdays have become our refuge from the inane idiots we work with, the mentally-stunted customers we have to deal with, the blind-in-one-eye/can’t-see-out-of-the-other people we have to drive with on the way to and from work…  Saturday is inevitably Outside Project Day here, and I seriously, SERIOUSLY, do not look forward to the day when we […]

Simple is Best

All from the garden, fresh cut twelve minutes before serving… Tennis Ball lettuce + two kinds of spinach + Mr. Stripey tomatoes + Napoli carrots = a fine salad indeed.

Winter Schminter

Hmm, first day of December, let’s see what’s going on in the garden!     Well, it looks like this garden doesn’t give a rat’s arse about winter…   That’s snow peas in the back, Belgian White and Dragon Purple carrots on the left, and Kailan (Chinese Broccoli) on the right.  Oh, and in the […]

Daily Fascinations

Well, the hyacinth beans have already sprouted (planted 6/14): We know what a problem I have even thinning new sprouts, so they’re just going to have to crawl on up the fence and be gorgeous for the rest of the summer. We just won’t eat ’em. The San Marzano tomatoes are driving me to distraction, […]

The Green Routine

I seem to have fallen into a pattern here… A post about flowers! A post about vegetables! Macro shots! Wide angle shots! Oh well, this is just as much for me as for you, my five loyal readers, so get used to it! The Gioia della Mensa tomato plant hopes we like tomatoes…because it plans […]

The Big Picture

You guys know I’m all about the macro shots. Nothing pleases me more than to get up into the flowers, pistils and stamens everywhere… Ok, that sounded sexual, sorry. Innnyway… Today let’s have some wide angle shots, see what the big picture looks like. The tomatoes are killing me, really. They were started indoors in […]

The Lesson of the Radishes

Planted ’em too close together to start with. Thinned too late, all went to seed. Here endeth the lesson. Seeing as how they were plain old red grocery-store radishes, we thought we’d do something a bit more exotic, and in their place today I planted daikon radish and helios radish seed instead. Daikon is a […]