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I Could be Your Flamingo

Why is counting to five in German so much cooler than doing so in any other language? After another coat of color, my hair is still determinedly pink. I’m forced to assume the Manic Panic color I received is pink-in-the-wrong-container. And those of you who know I am SO not a “pink” person know how […]

Boo and Yay

Boy, sinus infections are FUN, aren’t they? Just when you start to feel better, that horse goes and steps on your face again. Really must tell that story…though, technically, it was my foot he stepped on, not my face. He was a Percheron-breed, though, a horse only slightly smaller than a Clydesdale… Anyway. This news […]

All Hail Cipro

We’re watching football and TIVO-ing the presidential debates. Yes, we’re proud Americans. The circus was fantastic, thanks for asking. A full rundown will happen after I get the 800+ pictures edited, but for now suffice it to say it was just amazing. The eight white tigers were unspeakably impressive, even behind the 13 foot tall […]

It Never Occurred to the Who’s to Get an Alarm System?

That Grinch would so be doing 5 to 10 for grand theft if they had. Last year the Boychild basically caught us dead to rights, and confirmed that there is *gasp* no Santa Claus. Last night we discovered he’s still frickin’ holding a grudge about it. “This lie is on your head,” he proclaimed, standing […]

Idiot Doctors, Moronic Magazine Editors, and Stupid, Stupid Little Girls

You have two in the family with penicillin allergies (the Husband and Boychild), and you relate this to the Nascent Doctor-Boy when you take the hacking Girlchild in to be seen last week. He says, “I’m not really worried about that,” goes right ahead and prescribes her amoxycillin. Then a few days later she breaks […]

Weekend Update, With Your Host, Moi

One of the more unpleasant side effects of bronchitis/antibiotics…I can’t taste any flavors right now other than salt. For someone as devoted to chocolate as I, who indeed utilizes chocolate for medicinal purposes (purely psychological, mind you), this is a tragedy of Greek proportions. My Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food sits untouched in the freezer. […]


With all the doc visits this week I seem to have picked up another cold to go with my bronchitis, so pardon me if I skip out on today’s words of interest. I did manage a story over at 100 Words this morning. Bet you can’t guess what inspired that theme. Enjoy.


The above image is how the inside of my skull feels right now. I always wait until I’m getting better to feel bad enough to go to the doctor. Not this time, dammit. Still no stupid fever, so it’s just me, my tea and a fistful of advil. Speaking of, a snippet of conversation with […]

Pretend There’s a Title Here

So there I was, feeling all better after two weeks of hacking and sounding like Selma Diamond… Today’s coughing, while productive in the removing-crap-from-my-lungs department, has given me a spectacular headache, one of those that feels like fire when you turn/jar/move your head. No, I’m not thinking the P word, primarily because I’ve not once […]