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Lurve and Xst My Hand Hurts

As I may have mentioned in these pages before, the inimitable Zoe is quite in love with our dog Mal. (Wash always knew this would happen.) She is quite expressive with him, rubbing her head on his face, licking his ears. He is semi-tolerant of all this, nosing her neck from time to time, but […]

I’m a Mean Old Lady

Zoe (up top there) came to us as a baby, appeared on our front porch one night with a busted tail and a purr as big as a house. I put up a token resistance, but she was just too cute. And after the vet ripped most of her tail hair out removing a bandage, […]

Dog Story

SPCA Adoptions Today said the sign on Petco’s door. We’d lost the Labrador less than a year ago, and the boy still cried for him. Snuffling at night, and clutching his stuffed dog, breaking my heart a little more each time. And the husband, still blaming himself for the stupid Lab eating the rose food […]