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Hey, At Least I’m Not Posting About My Newfound Obsession with Scrubs

Gosh, I’d just love to post something really interesting today but I’m afraid I’m dealing with mental fatigue on a cosmic level here. We spent the weekend doing as little as humanly possible, and that laissez-faire attitude has bled nicely over into the work week.I do have something to say about the still-delightful Burn Notice, […]

Man vs. Idiots

I may bleat (justifiably, mind you) about the intellectual dishonesty (and moral decrepitude) of the American press, but the British press really makes them all look like diaper-wearing amateurs. Take the whinging currently going on regarding Man vs. Wild‘s Bear Grylls and how he GASP! might have stayed in a hotel room while filming some […]

Our New Favorite Show

I remember (not fondly) when the secondary cable channels could be relied on for achingly bad movies, long stretches of infomercials, and even dead air. How times have changed when networks like USA, TNT, and SciFi Channel are putting out original programming that illuminates the alpha networks for the has-been schlubs that they really are. […]

Let’s Do it Like They Do on the Discovery Channel

In futzing around with our DirecTV packages last week, I accidentally downgraded us to a plan that did not include the Discovery Channel. Leaving out totally the insanity of such a concept… So, not only were my two children denied the fantastic array of informational programming delivered in a highly entertaining fashion, but I myself […]


I dislike many things…green bell peppers, religious fanatics, the Auburn football program. But number one and two on my list (at least right now) are weeds and weeding.”Did you put down landscape fabric?” you say. Why, yes, yes we did. And gravel on top of that. You should see how the root systems of some […]

Jersey Curse

Roy Orbison was a fantastic musician, songwriter and a huge influence on rock & roll, and music in general. His epic Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night (buy it!) stands as one of the greatest gatherings of musical-type folks (all die-hard fans of Orbison, all volunteers) ever, all intent on honoring his […]