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Yay, Tee-Wee!

Mmm, fall programming.  Tonight we have How I Met Your Mother (still the funniest thing on TV), Chuck (hurrah!) and Life (double hurrah!).  I thought for a moment earlier that we also had Heroes to watch, and kind of deflated…until I remembered I junked it from the TIVO to-do list last night.  It had such […]

Reality Bytes

Yes, I do have pictures for you, I promise…I’m supposed to be taking it easy this week, though, which means sitting on the couch with an ice pack on my knee, and using Photoshop on the laptop is significantly less, er, fun, than doing it on the desktop. So, let’s talk about reality shows instead! […]

Pop Culture Interlude

I’ve never watched So You Think You Can Dance (title is irritating me, btw) before this season, so I’m a bit mystified by what happens when the final 10 are chosen. I gather it means random partners or something like that by the look on poor Gev’s face when they reminded him he would no […]

I Could be Your Flamingo

Why is counting to five in German so much cooler than doing so in any other language? After another coat of color, my hair is still determinedly pink. I’m forced to assume the Manic Panic color I received is pink-in-the-wrong-container. And those of you who know I am SO not a “pink” person know how […]

Crimmas Music

I’m (a tiny bit) ashamed to admit that it took us until Season 2 to notice the television show “Bones.” The Boychild actually started watching it before we did, medical procedurals seem to fascinate him (hmm, maybe the medical profession…woot!). We started watching, were instantly hooked, picked up Season 1 on DVD, etc. etc. The […]

Lots of Things

Oh, if I only had the energy, I’d love to write something about the inevitable backlash from household pets over being lolcat-ed. There’d be protests, sit-ins, mournful interviews with the press (“why do you HATE us so??”). Michele, go write that for me, mmkay? Managed to get the old Pixelpost entries/comments imported yesterday (thanks to […]

This and That

Are you watching Tin Man on SCIFI? We’re only halfway through Part 1 so don’t spoil anything! (T, you’re rubbing off on me…) So far it is…surreal. The scene in Part 1 where they find the Tin Man still gives me the creeping shudders. It took a sick bastard to come up with that scenario. […]

Better, Stronger, Vapider

Well, Bionic Woman didn’t suck. Nor did it blow our skirts up, however. I know they felt like they had to shove everything expositionary* into that first fifteen minutes, but the writing is seriously choppy. And is there even a chick on that writing staff (is Laeta a woman?)? No woman would ever say to […]


So, did you watch Reaper last night? We had to pause it at the 10:00 mark because we were laughing too hard to see the television at that time. For those of you who did indeed watch, that’s the point in the show when the pack of dogs started chasing Sam through the store, and […]

Endings and Beginnings

No, it’s not going to be THAT kind of post…The Husband and I just finished up the last book in Kage Baker’s Company series over the weekend. Yes, it went from his hot little hands straight into mine and I was done 14 hours later (I paused to sleep). I say “last” book…it’s the endgame […]