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Spring is Springing

I know it’s only January, but it’s in the 70s down here (with occasional psycho-making dips into the 20s),  and the seeds for spring planting (approx. March 1) are already making good time.   That’s tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, sunberry, ground cherry…and a whole buncha other stuff. The maple seeds that came whirlybirding over the fence […]

Season The Next

There’s a doldrums between the full-production days of summer and the fall planting “season” here in Florida…during which one should not let oneself become completely out of gardening-shape, lest one suffer from excessively fatigued adductor magnus muscles in the days after planting. Ow. But what a productive two days it was.  The original plan had […]

Plans and Schemes

One of the biggest challenges in gardening is figuring out what grows well in your area.  I think we can safely say that snow peas, carrots and chinese broccoli (kailan) are all winners here… This is the North box back on Dec 1:     And the same box 29 days later (ie. today):   […]

Sunburnt and Dirty. Again.

Yesterday morning I sat down at my computer to check email and the optical mouse wouldn’t work. It felt funny, kind of tacky instead of smooth on the mousepad. I flipped it over to find one of my business cards taped to the bottom, the words “Ha Ha” printed on it. Funny kids. Yesterday was […]

Losing My Mind, And Taking You With Me

As you may recall, we took the Boychild out of the bastard teacher’s class a couple of months ago, and he was assigned to a different teacher. There were some procedural things he had to get used to in her class for the first few weeks, and I did have one “sorting things out” phone […]

It’s a Tuesday

If you have an autoresponder set up on your email that replies back with, “I have received your email,” then you’re a self-important tool and would you please get the hell off the Intarwebs. Here’s a little known fact: Fantastik kitchen cleaner will remove silicone sealant from your hands. Aren’t you so glad you read […]