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Does anyone else find it insanely hard to thin out seedlings? Drives me nuts. You have to plant more than you need because you don’t know if all the seeds are viable…then when all the little bastards DO sprout, you have to yank out 3/4 of them so the rest can live. I hate it. […]

Losing My Mind, And Taking You With Me

As you may recall, we took the Boychild out of the bastard teacher’s class a couple of months ago, and he was assigned to a different teacher. There were some procedural things he had to get used to in her class for the first few weeks, and I did have one “sorting things out” phone […]

Idiots and Flowers

My GODS, if you are so fucking stupid that you can’t even tell who you’ve spammed, then you need to really NOT send bullshit to every email address in your address book. Nor, when contacted about it, do you need to self-righteously declare that the message wasn’t selling anything, it was “just nice positive information.” […]

Pretend There’s a Title Here

So there I was, feeling all better after two weeks of hacking and sounding like Selma Diamond… Today’s coughing, while productive in the removing-crap-from-my-lungs department, has given me a spectacular headache, one of those that feels like fire when you turn/jar/move your head. No, I’m not thinking the P word, primarily because I’ve not once […]

Michele Doesn’t Quite Have the Crappy Teacher Market Cornered

We have a very stubborn Boy child. He’s ten now and he has fought and kicked and screamed about doing his homework since frickin’ Kindergarten. But we are nothing if not tenacious, and have learned to manipulate him quite effectively into doing what we expect, with as little resistance as possible. He started fifth grade […]