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What a Way to Start Your Day

Delivered the kids to school this morning amid intermittent torrents of rain. (Yay, rain!) Outside of school grounds, there was an interesting* sight on the side of the road, a mud-colored Ford sedan….the kind I fancy is most often used in bank robberies, due to its A) ubiquitousness, and B) complete anonymity (Ocifer: What did […]

Time to Vent

Nasty here today…sticky, warm, windy…tornado weather. Which is not quite as bad as earthquake weather, mind you. Horrid week here at the homestead, hence the lack of posting. I work a full day, then pick the kids up from school, and start my second job as math teacher. This week is areas, volumes and conversions, […]


I was dreaming this morning that someone who used to be a friend wrote a nasty anonymous blog entry about me, and I had to rush to write a rebuttal blog entry. Dreaming about blogging, how frigging lame is that, I ask you. Quite the epic dustup with the Boychild’s teacher yesterday. The upshot is […]