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March Blooms

Not the greatest week thusfar here at the homestead, so as usual, we take refuge in the garden. I spoke complimentarily of Oakes Daylilies last week or so, regarding their policy of slipping a little something extra into orders. ¬†Well, we received our second order from them about a week ago, and when all was […]

Extreme Closeup II: Over-Budget and Over-Acted

Sorry, we had a dispute with SAG and the writers’ union, had to rename the sequel… The Don Juan climbing rose, being all coy and mysterious: The Wild Blue Yonder rose, letting it all hang out: My indispensable hose guides, protecting the roses in back and the cannas out front: The miniature rose is blooming, […]

Sky Water

It rained last night  and thankfully I had my home Flood Defences set, so you know what that means… Yep, pictures of things with water on them. Try and contain your joy. We did not actually plant Cypress Vine this year: Apparently actual planting is not required if you’ve EVER had it anywhere in your […]

Roses in Florida

I was reading how this gentleman grows roses, and it strikes me that he’s been very lucky, or else has naturally excellent soil. In northern Alabama (where he lives) that’s kind of rare, but maybe his land is on an old brickworks. We used to rent a house in a similar situation and the two […]