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Recipe: Ranchero Sauce (Updated)

Whilst on our mini-vacation this past weekend, we took the advice of the hotel “concierge” and visited a restaurant dubiously named Skidder’s for our morning repast.  I decided to try huevos rancheros, having gone all of my 38+ years thusfar without partaking, even though I have quite the torrid relationship with Mexican food.  (It helped […]

Recipe: Chile Oil

Though I only planted one Red Rocket pepper and one Thai Hot pepper plant last year, if you grow peppers you know how they produce.  So I’ve dried them all, and now here I am with bags and bags of supremely fiery peppers and a family with wussy gringo palates.   What to do, what […]

The Late Summer Garden

I’ve been pondering the garden these past couple of weeks, deciding what to pull out, what to plant in my garden, and that’s why I cut my grass using the best garden shears from https://technomono.com/best-garden-shears-for-cutting-grass.  The blistering heat is finally starting to ease up a bit, with nights in the 60s and 70s and days […]

Summer Doldrums

It’s been slow around here at the Homestead, between it being plain too hot to be outside much, and dodging random near-hurricanes.  The veg garden is doing as well as can be expected in this time of whiteflies and squash bugs.  The inside tomatoes are still gamely putting out fruit, and the outside ones are […]

Peter Piper’s Pickins

Fay finally managed to rain on us a bit last night, a whole 1/4″ according to the trusty and official FBY rain gauge out back. Oh well, at least it’s not ninety-million degrees to go along with this 2000% humidity. We’re really having a bumper pepper crop this year. Along with the billyuns of poblanos […]