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This makes one nostalgic for the practice of drawing and quartering.  Oh, look, another immigrant. I’m not against immigration, per se, after all, we’d hardly have much of a country without it.  Well, an ANGLO country, anyway.  However, isn’t it time to enact some fucking STANDARDS??  Xst.

Moron Earth

Everyone involved with this horseshit needs to be slapped. Hard. “Proceeds from ticket sales will go toward distributing power-efficient light bulbs and other measures to offset the shows’ greenhouse gas emissions.” Update: Read this article (via Michele) for more precise detail on the monkeyfuck stupidity of this entire concept. And you, John Mayer, you are […]

Disillusionment. Er, Sort Of.

It’s always a shock when a pretty Hollywood face turns out to have absolute mush for brains. *coff* In this case it’s Mister Hardbody, Ryan Reynolds. We love him in movies, but seriously he needs a ball gag when not actually working.Reynolds has turned in a wordy entry over at *spit* Huffington Post (no, I […]

But Why?

The taxpayers of SanFran are once again being called upon to foot the bill for yet another attempt at a “suicide barrier” on the Golden Gate Bridge.Why are we compelled to prevent people from killing themselves? Religious justifications aside (which, honestly, all originated in the desire to produce more donors), what is this notion that […]