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Boo and Yay

Boy, sinus infections are FUN, aren’t they? Just when you start to feel better, that horse goes and steps on your face again. Really must tell that story…though, technically, it was my foot he stepped on, not my face. He was a Percheron-breed, though, a horse only slightly smaller than a Clydesdale… Anyway. This news […]

Gaming and Cold Fingers and Caucuseses

Talking with C about new games this morning reminded me that I downloaded a bunch of new games before Xmas from my favorite gamehaus, Reflexive, and they need reviewing. I’m partial to first-person shooters (for what should be obvious reasons), but really don’t need my shooting bogged down with a bunch of story-mode crap, or […]

Idiot Doctors, Moronic Magazine Editors, and Stupid, Stupid Little Girls

You have two in the family with penicillin allergies (the Husband and Boychild), and you relate this to the Nascent Doctor-Boy when you take the hacking Girlchild in to be seen last week. He says, “I’m not really worried about that,” goes right ahead and prescribes her amoxycillin. Then a few days later she breaks […]

The Semi-Irregular Update

So, Chavez isn’t even smart enough to RIG a vote? Hilarious.I see that British teacher in the Sudan has been “pardoned.” By show of hands, how many think this was done out of the kindness of Sudan’s president’s widdle heart? And now, how many think an official note came down from the Brit PM, something […]


Sick as a damned dog here. You know that cough that goes all the way down your trachea, through your lungs and pulls in air through your ass? Yeah, that one. The kids brought it home last week, wrapped it in ribbons, and gave it to me. New book up top there, our best photos […]

Things That Are Disturbing Me

And they should disturb you, too.–Law of the Sea Treaty on Fast Track to Ratification – Read up on this. —China Seeks Oil Near Cuba – Anyone else comfortable with this? And not quite as disturbing, but still quite irritating… –There’s a GI Joe movie coming out in 2009. Remember GI Joe, the real American […]

Proportion Blowing

Well, I said I wasn’t going to post anything on this…but seeing as I’m actually from the South, perhaps some things need to be said.Yes, there are still people in the Deep South who will throw a noose over a tree limb. Yes, it is stupid, and utterly low-class. Go ask any 100 people in […]


So, Sally Field thinks when mothers run the world there won’t be any “goddamned war,” eh? ¬†Just who the hell does she think raises all these suicide bombers? (It was late last night when I tossed off the above, elaboration below.) Sally, Sally, Sally. Being a mother does not mean you are no longer capable […]

Perspective is Lacking

Not only do I not post about politics, but I generally don’t read much on that subject either. Anymore. My blood pressure, which actually tried to kill me during the birth of my first child, simply doesn’t need the challenge. The same moratorium applies to current events, world news…hell, sometimes even college football. I even […]

Verbal Diarrhea

I don’t know how much longer I can adhere to my “no politics” rule here, particularly when confronted with stupidity of this ilk: On Wednesday, the I-word came up for California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer in an interview with talk radio’s Ed Schultz. When Schultz brought up the subject of impeachment, Boxer said “Look, I […]