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I *am* Iron Man

The kiddos were fevered, stuffy and cough-y most of the weekend (which allowed for an unprecedented amount of yardwork getting done, srsly), but the Boychild was damned if he was going to miss Iron Man, so off we went this afternoon to view it. Tony Stark, as played by Robert Downey Jr (who despite his […]

Still Scrubbing the Fingernails

Spring may have officially started last week but it’s been going strong down here for a month now. Here’s the old garden update (for those of you uninterested, skip to the end where I speak complimentarily of the movie Enchanted and the luminous Amy Adams): All the previously sprouted seeds (well the ones who bothered […]

I’m Still Geeking Out About It*

Teriyaki-marinated chicken going in the smoker today. After which it will be shredded and combined with some mirin, five-spice powder, shredded broccoli/carrots/cabbage, wrapped in spring roll wrappers and deep fried. Admit it, you wish you were our neighbor. … Two new episodes of Chuck (easily one of our favorite shows evar) aired Thursday night, we […]

I Am Compelled

Have you seen the trailer for this movie, One Missed Call? No? Here, go watch, I’ll wait. There, aren’t you weirdly compelled to see this stupid movie? You get a voicemail on your cellphone, and it’s your DEATH you’re hearing. And then, you die, exactly as you heard it. WEIRD. And oddly compelling. I can’t […]

Happy Xmas Eve Eve Eve

Because I was a Very Good Girl this year, I got this. And because we’re going to Busch Gardens tomorrow, courtesy of a last minute decision while standing in a steak house parking lot with the family, I got to open my present tonight. WOO! So, be warned: many, many super-wide angle images shall ensue. […]

Weekend Update, With Your Host, Moi

One of the more unpleasant side effects of bronchitis/antibiotics…I can’t taste any flavors right now other than salt. For someone as devoted to chocolate as I, who indeed utilizes chocolate for medicinal purposes (purely psychological, mind you), this is a tragedy of Greek proportions. My Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food sits untouched in the freezer. […]

Shopping and Terror and Vocabulary, Oh My!

The Husband and I should not be allowed to visit Bed, Bath & Beyond together. —Interdicted— Went in for a new pillow. Came out with a new pillow, some pillowcases, a new dust buster, filters for said dust buster, some garbage disposal disinfectant thingers, a fridge odor absorber, new oven mitts/pot holders, flexible silicon chopping […]

Oh, Fuck Off, Grasshopper

So, yeah, we were kind of late to the whole Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright/Nick Frost bandwagon. We bought Shaun of the Dead a good three years after it came out on DVD and then took another six months to get around to watching it. We were delighted with it, of course. Funny, with moments of actual […]

Can You Hear the Jack Whales Singing?

As I sit in front of my computer getting all excited about another Wes Anderson movie (The Darjeeling Unlimited), the Husband shakes his head in perplexment. (Oh yes, that’s a word, STFU.)”He makes people movies,” says the Husband. “Yeah, he does,” I admit. “But…but, you hate people,” he says. And it’s true, I really cannot […]

Movie Review: Live Free or Die Hard

I don’t usually do movie reviews. Frankly they’re too much of a pain in my ass to bother. But I just spent two hours laughing, gasping, cheering, clapping my hands, and generally having a helluva time watching this movie. When it was over, I immediately wanted to watch it again. I wanted to buy the […]