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Morons of the Day

I’m sure you’ve heard of these people, the freegans (combination of “free” and “vegan”). No, it doesn’t mean they’re loose-moraled non-dairy/meat eaters…okay, well it might mean that…it means they have eschewed capitalism to the point where they prepare their meals based on what they can scavenge, not what they actually purchase.Yes, I said “scavenge.” For […]

The Idiot Parade

I swear to Zog, you people just crack me up. Three times this week I have seen someone whinge about “suppression of free speech” and each time the rocket scientist in question has been D-E-D dead wrong in attempting to apply that principle to the dealings of private citizens and businesses.In two cases, the whingers […]

Perspective is Lacking

Not only do I not post about politics, but I generally don’t read much on that subject either. Anymore. My blood pressure, which actually tried to kill me during the birth of my first child, simply doesn’t need the challenge. The same moratorium applies to current events, world news…hell, sometimes even college football. I even […]

Moron Earth

Everyone involved with this horseshit needs to be slapped. Hard. “Proceeds from ticket sales will go toward distributing power-efficient light bulbs and other measures to offset the shows’ greenhouse gas emissions.” Update: Read this article (via Michele) for more precise detail on the monkeyfuck stupidity of this entire concept. And you, John Mayer, you are […]

The Law of Inverse Cluefulness

The more you kick and scream that you’re losing “thousands and thousands of dollars” due to your site’s inaccessibility (a state entirely due, I might add, to *you* allowing your domain to expire), the less likely it is to actually be true.Further, when your expired page actually lists a link to the registrar where you […]

But Why?

The taxpayers of SanFran are once again being called upon to foot the bill for yet another attempt at a “suicide barrier” on the Golden Gate Bridge.Why are we compelled to prevent people from killing themselves? Religious justifications aside (which, honestly, all originated in the desire to produce more donors), what is this notion that […]

Pay Attention

Left the house yesterday to pick up the kids from school, and was greeted with the sight of crime scene tape surrounding a neighbor’s house, along with sheriff’s department officers, and media cockroaches (including sodding helicopters). The full story is here. Short version: Mother cleaning house, 1 yr old and 3 yr old found unresponsive […]