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Idiots and Flowers

My GODS, if you are so fucking stupid that you can’t even tell who you’ve spammed, then you need to really NOT send bullshit to every email address in your address book. Nor, when contacted about it, do you need to self-righteously declare that the message wasn’t selling anything, it was “just nice positive information.” […]

Browsers and Idiots and Soup

If you’ve recently upgraded to Firefox and are finding the sodding thing locked up completely whilst your CPU howls like a banshee…downgrade that bitch. does not have the same troubles. I love you Firefox. Don’t become another cpanel, testing your new “features” on actual release versions. … When we send you access information […]

Oops, Forgot a Title

This is illegal. No, not the topless sunbathing, but rather the hoor sitting there with her tits hanging out asking guys to show her their penii. It’s fecking entrapment, and it’s illegal, and everyone involved needs to be up on charges. And the hapless firefighter…well, he needs to retire on the city’s dime, y’know? But […]

Idiot Doctors, Moronic Magazine Editors, and Stupid, Stupid Little Girls

You have two in the family with penicillin allergies (the Husband and Boychild), and you relate this to the Nascent Doctor-Boy when you take the hacking Girlchild in to be seen last week. He says, “I’m not really worried about that,” goes right ahead and prescribes her amoxycillin. Then a few days later she breaks […]

My Cat is Smarter Than Your Kid

Guess which genetic cull was yet again standing on the front porch this morning, complete with front door hanging wide open, and not a single miserable excuse for a parent in sight? I’ll give you three guesses but you’ll only need one. Last night Zoe brought me a ball point pen. Er, why?

A Rant for Your Morning Enjoyment

I drive the kids to school every morning and pick them up in the afternoons. The school is five minutes away, and it’s completely worth it to me for them to never have to experience the Maximum Security Prison that is a public school bus.So I take them to school in the morning, then I […]

Impotent Bloodthirsty Rage is Annoying*

I try really, really hard not to read the news these days…because I have a family, and they do not need to be coming to visit me in a max security facility every week after I snap and start killing those what need it. Sometimes the headlines just grab you though…Police Arrest Woman Allegedly Wearing […]

The Capper to an Already Fan-Bloody-Tastic Day

US Prosecutor Arrested I am deliberately truncating the actual title of the article to avoid the shit-for-brains who Google for that sort of thing, may their entrails be infested with fire ants for a thousand years. I’d say, ‘don’t read this if you have small children,’ but no, read it, and understand precisely what kind […]


So, Sally Field thinks when mothers run the world there won’t be any “goddamned war,” eh? ¬†Just who the hell does she think raises all these suicide bombers? (It was late last night when I tossed off the above, elaboration below.) Sally, Sally, Sally. Being a mother does not mean you are no longer capable […]

Respect Yourself…Because They Sure Don’t

I’m a child of the space-rocket era, ergo there aren’t very many things I miss about times gone by. Holding a public figure up to ridicule when they make as big an ass of themselves as this Kanye West pissant does on a regular basis is something worth missing, however.And, you know, reinstating. Inasmuch as […]